Artist-Page-Main-Photo-ZuraZuraya is a fresh young artist who moves from style to style as effortlessly as a warm spring breeze flows across a packed dance floor.  Her musical debut, “Sumthin’ Good” released through Innsbruck Records, is an eclectic blend of Dance, Pop, Rock and R&B.

Zuraya’s favorite sonic flavor, makes its way to the forefront while being surrounded by a very fun and tasteful serving of what she and producer TKe Long describe as Gourmet Grooves.” Regardless of her youth, Zuraya delivers a seasoned sound that is waiting to be heard and felt on a global level.

When asked about her love of singing and musical pursuits Zuraya responds, “It’s been with me all along.  My mom and dad both sang and played a lot of music when I was growing up. My dad also writes and produces so I used to just hang out in the studio with him.  He actually has a recording of me from when I was 3 1/2 years old.  I can honestly say I’ve gotten better.”

If “Sumthin’ Good” is any indication of what is to come –  a lot of music lovers around the world are in for a very wild and enjoyable ride starting here and now.  With an assortment of infectious upbeat singles boasting an eclectic blend of contagious beats, driving choruses and Zuraya’s smooth vocals coupled with an alluring attitude, she will soon capture a spot on the popular music front.

Sumthin’ Good is available via global digital distribution.

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