That Metro Kid” follows the success of Eiji Kadota’s solo album, “The Flow” which was awarded a Golden Melody Award and features several top shelf session musicians from Hong Kong and Japan. While this new single is a ‘non-genre’ integration of rock, jazz, funk and pop, it is also a consolidation of Eiji’s unique music style. ‘That Metro Kid‘ brings dynamic synergy between Eiji Kadota and each member of the band. Their telepathic interplay and joyful exchanges create an exhilarating ride with superb solos to make the listener smile.


Producer: Eiji Kadota with That Metro Kid Composing: Eiji Kadota; Arrangement: Eiji Kadota with That Metro Kid; Horn Arrangements: Sheng-Fei LuGuitars: Eiji Kadota & Ernie Cheng; Keyboards: Aihsuan Lee; Bass: Marcus Tsao; Drums: Wumin Hola; Saxophone: Ruby Pan; Trumpet: Leeway Cheng; Trombone: Amy HeRecording & Mixing Engineer: Chief Wang; Recording Studio: Mega Force Recording Studios; Mastering Engineer: Chung Shu Sun; Mastering Studio: U-Tech Media Co., Ltd.